Baby Wipes Are For Babies, People…It’s Time To Behave Like Grown-Ups

I think we can all agree that after an exhausting, sweaty workout, the last thing you want to grab to clean you up is a baby wipe. Why? Well, that’s because baby wipes are designed to clean up baby’s bottoms. So while I may sound like Captain Obvious over here, I am baffled as to why folks often believe that the ShowerPill Body Wipes – a high-performance activecare product created specifically for grown-ass adults  – are “the same” as a baby wipe. I am here to break it down and explain how these two items are not created equally. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

The Solution

Baby wipes typically consist of mostly water and sometimes aloe vera & Vitamin E, and because they are meant to clean your baby, understandably don’t contain cleansing or antibacterial properties. ShowerPill Body Wipes, on the other hand, includes aloe vera & Vitamin E and has added witch hazel and removes 99.99% of germs (sans alcohol or parabens) in an FDA-approved Formulation. When we work out in highly trafficked gyms and studios, we inevitably come in contact with all kinds of contagious and nasty germs like staph and ringworm, which could potentially sideline us. Is it really a risk worth taking when there’s a product on the market designed to keep you in the game? If you don’t use your baby’s shampoo or toothpaste, why would you use their wipes?


Baby wipes are meant to clean small surface areas, i.e. babies. Thus, when used by adults, they tear and shrivel up, rendering its purpose virtually useless. It takes about 10-20 baby wipes to cover the surface area of an adult. On the other hand, it takes ONE ShowerPill Body Wipe to clean an average adult’s entire body, kind of like how you’d use one washcloth (not multiple) while in the shower. Whether you just took hot yoga and are off to meet your crew for brunch, or you just crushed a dirty obstacle at a Spartan Race, ShowerPill Body Wipes do the job.

The Size

Baby wipes are about  7”x7” with the thickness of a tissue. ShowerPill Body Wipes are 9”x8” and four times thicker, similar to a washcloth. You do the math.

The Packaging:

Most baby wipes come packed with 64 or so towelettes, smashed up in a clunky pouch or box. The problem with this is that every time you open the seal and air gets in, you are riding on an express train to dry wipe town….a bummer if you are attempting to clean your body. ShowerPill Body Wipes are optimally packaged in individually wrapped sachets, ensuring that every wipe is as wet and effective as the last. Built for portability and discreet enough to keep in your pocket, you can take ShowerPill anywhere you please (and nobody needs to know about it)!

The Verdict

Let’s leave the baby products to the babies. But if you’re an active, on-the-go individual looking to stay odor- and germ-free, then there’s no debate to be had…ShowerPill Body Wipes are the way to go.

Still not convinced?  Try it for yourself & feel the difference!