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What is the ShowerPill Clean Team?

Realizing that the world was full of busy people that needed a quick and convenient post-workout alternative to a full shower, our football-playing founders Wendell, Wale and Justin created the ShowerPill concept, developing a handy athletic body wipe anyone can use to clean up fast. The ShowerPill Clean Team is a group of diverse ambassadors that are encouraging people every day to live the best life possible, while helping us to spread the word about the easiest way to stay fresh while on the go!

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Who are Clean Team Ambassadors?

ShowerPill wipes are for anyone that doesn’t let sweat stand in their way. The Clean Team is made up of fitness professionals, runners, cyclists, yogis, lunchtime walkers,weekend warriors,moms, outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes from every sport you can name. Whether you are new to fitness and ShowerPill is helping you squeeze in your daily activity or a seasoned professional finding ShowerPill is the solution you have needed for years, you will fit right in with the Clean Team. If you love ShowerPill and know that your friends will love it too, this is an opportunity to help us share it and make the world a fresher place.

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What does the Clean Team do?

ShowerPill offers ambassadors plenty of ways to get involved. From social media and blog post visibility to real-life volunteer opportunities, ambassadors are a vital part of the ShowerPill crew. Apply now to learn more about our team, and have fun while enjoying perks ranging from great prizes for referrals to a free ClassPass for our evangelists.

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