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The word “ShowerPill” comes directly from the locker rooms of college athletes during training camp double-days who jokingly wished for a hypothetical “pill” to instantly clean themselves after a long exhausting workout. We turned the “ShowerPill concept” into a real solution. The ShowerPill brand is about staying fresh and clean while living the best life possible.


We take pride in our products and invest in the next generation of leaders

ShowerPill takes pride in developing innovative personal care products for active individuals. We also take pride in creating innovative opportunities for student athletes to apply the unique set of knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in organized team sports towards the field of business. Our mission at ShowerPill is to continue to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs through our Summer Internship Program, which consists of hands-on experience in product development, marketing, business operations and mentoring so that student athletes can make the transition from leaders in sports to leaders in the business world.


ShowerPill is the preeminent personal care brand for active people everywhere.


Wendell Hunter
Wendell HunterCo-Founder
Wale Forrester
Wale ForresterCo-Founder
Justin Forsett
Justin ForsettCo-Founder & NFL Pro Bowl Running Back