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“ShowerPill unlocks the possibilities and enables active people to pursue their best possible existence without sacrificing cleanliness.”



I frequently Runch (Run at Lunch) and so a ShowerPill is VITALLY important. I am a full-time attorney so no one wants to smell me later!


I commute daily to work and use ShowerPill regularly. I believe an active lifestyle doesn’t need to be in the gym. Being outdoors even before work is possible with your product.


Big enough, moist enough, tough enough and doesn’t smell like flowers or baby butt

Great product- I have a long (90 min) bike commute to an office with no shower. By the time I get to work I’m usually pretty grimy in addition to sweaty. One towel takes care of my 6’2″ /175 pound frame from head to toe with a bit to spare. The smell (on me right now) is very neutral “clean” rather than perfumed.


I am a fitness professional always on the go. I am funky all day until I shower at the end of the day. Refreshing myself using showerpill has been very convenient and an easy way to keep the funk factor down!


ShowerPill saves the day! Ok, maybe just the women in my unit, but when there are just 2 showers in the whole building and both are broken, everyone wants a try at the little wipe I’m using 🙂 “Showers” for every one!


Great item! People don’t back away from you if you use one of these!

We used this after running a marathon because a) we didn’t have any place to shower afterwards and b) didn’t have time to shower because we had to catch a flight. It does a great job of removing all the sweat and salt from your body without drying your skin out or leaving a sticky/filmy residue. Quite the opposite actually, it left your skin soft and fragrance free. I highly recommend this product.


I use it every day as a part of my daily commute!

The ShowerPill is a very good product. I use it every day as a part of my daily bicycle commute. With one wipe, I can rinse off the sweat and road grime from my 6’4″ frame. The scent is neutral and air drying is very fast. I heartily recommend this product.


How Did I Live Without These?

I am a very large, very sweaty male with a long commute. I used to bring a spare undershirt to work everyday, and keep a spare dress shirt in my car just in case it gets really bad. These wipes have changed that. Using these in the bathroom every day at lunch is basically like having a shower in the middle of my day. I feel ten times fresher and much more confident through the afternoon.


Brilliant! Where was this 15 years ago?

I am a former college athlete and current physical therapist who owns her own clinic and has started offering this product. I love it! I think it’s a brilliantly simple and beautifully executed idea. There are a lot of situations I can think of where you would like to shower but can’t. Or, maybe you don’t want to for a 2nd or 3rd time that day (after you already showered that morning but did a pool workout, practice, and then a weight workout, like I often did in college). My patients have given me nothing but positive feedback. Its a great size and holds up well. I expect nothing but success for this product.


The fashionista’s solution to working out and not looking like you did, or smelling like it!

These wipes are a major lifesaver. As a fitness enthusiast and fashionista, I am always looking for products that help me look flawless at/after the gym. These wipes allow me to skip the shower if it’s jammed at the gym, or if I am in a pinch and don’t have time to primp post gym or either returning to work, or heading out to social commitments. If you don’t try these, you are a fool. They are a staple in my gym bag as well as my purse.


Return to work clean!

I’m a fitness instructor and the ShowerPill saves me a ton of time after my classes and allowed me to return to the office feeling clean. The wipe is large, about the size of a letter size paper, and is packed with cleaning fluid. I can clean my whole body and still have fluid left over. It’s a clean smell, like a standard bar of soap, and not flowery. Highly recommend ShowerPill!


Excellent for Camping!

I just returned from a camping trip where showers were not easily accessible. The ShowerPill came in very handy. My kids, my husband and I were filthy after playing, hiking, using bug sprays and tracking through the muddy streams all day. The ShowerPill provided a very refreshing way to end our day. We were able to remove the grime and dirt easily. They were not heavily scented and left no residue or odor. Worked well on my son’s sensitive skin.


BEST product EVER!

ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes are a LIFESAVER. I am an ultra runner, yogi, fitness instructor and busy founder of two companies. So as you can probably imagine, I am ALWAYS on the move. The wipes work for me in between runs, yoga classes and everything in between. They are the perfect solution to clean up post sweat sessions when you don’t have time for an actual shower. 😉 My go to fitness product. LOVE. LOVE. Can’t live without them.


Cleans your whole body and No Stink!

These athletic wipes are strong and don’t fall apart when you use them. They are thick and have enough moisture to clean your whole body without drying out. They handled the stink of running Ragnar in 100 degree heat. They make you feel fresh and clean with no strong fragrance. Actually they are almost fragrance free. This would be a great product to send to soldiers over seas. Suitable for men or women.


More uses then you can think of.

This item is great. Went to the gym the other day and did not have a chance to take a shower, so you just wipe yourself with ShowerPill and I could go back to work without smelling.
My mother in law just broke her hip and has a very hard time getting out of bed, so to clean her up we use the ShowerPill to clean her up so we do not have give a bath everyday and she is still clean!


Works like a charm

I use it to freshen up after Bikram Yoga practice. I’m 5’2″. The towelette is moist and large enough to use on my entire body. I never felt sticky or stinky afterwards. A perfect product for individuals on the go.


Fantastic for Sponge Baths

I recently had surgery that required a cast and thus no showering for six weeks. I ordered this product based on the reviews I read and it really lived up to its promise. The wipes themselves are nice, thick, and a good size so that way it was easy to clean my body. The smell of the cleaner is a nice citrus and is not overpowering. I found that it cleaned well and dried nicely with no residue. I highly recommend this product to anybody that is forced to clean this way.


Awesome product after a lunchtime workout!

I was looking for something that didn’t make me smell like a girl and something that is large enough to make me feel somewhat clean after a run. This is exactly what I was looking for!! I run 4-5 miles during lunch and work in an office where the dress code is extremely casual (shorts and t-shirt). While I don’t need to throw on a suit and tie after my run these wipes definitely help me feel a little fresher than sitting around with dried sweat on me. Great product!! Highly suggested


Love This Product

These wipes are AWESOME!!! Used many times after running half marathons and they really leave you feeling clean and fresh! Start with your face and end with the private areas. They are thick and big like a cloth. They are packaged well and easily fit in my hydration pack. They take up very little room. Would be great for people that camp, back packing trips, a long day at an amusement park or outdoor festivals.


Great product, just what I needed!

I play basketball in the morning before work – and I don’t have access to a shower. I needed something, because I wasn’t going to sit in my sweat all day in the office. I’ve used it a couple of times now and it really makes a difference. Definitely isn’t a replacement for a shower; but it gets me through the day. Easy to use, and I don’t smell like perfume all day. Just the right amount of good odor and I feel fresh.


Works Great, No Residual Scent

I took these camping to the Grand Canyon and loved them. I didn’t want to be stinky all weekend so I would wipe down every night. I didn’t feel a residual film like some other wipes leave, and there was no real scent to them… a boon for people that don’t want perfumed products while camping. The packs don’t take up that much room, either.


You Need These!

I work out. I sweat…a lot. These body wipes are great to freshen up between my run and going for my morning coffee…nobody likes a guy who is sweating up a storm and reeking while standing in line for coffee. Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor…use these.


Great to have in my Gym Bag!

Great to have in my gym bag for after class. They are large enough to wipe my whole body, pleasant clean scent, does not leave any kind of film on skin. Wipes the sweat off so that I can change and go run errands before showering.